I’m sure you’ve seen people talking about how they made multiple six figures in a matter of months. Everywhere you look online, people are sharing their successes and making it seem super easy. You know the kind of thing, right?

All that success is nice and everything, for them, but…… if you’re really honest, it’s a bit, you know… sickening. I mean, how the hell did they get there so easily, when you’re struggling?!

It’s enough to make you puke.

It’s not bloody fair!

I know how you feel. It even gets to me sometimes, especially when I’m not having the best day, or I’ve got PMS (he he) We’re only human, dammit.

The thing is, this kind of look at me I’m winning at business, and life and everything, and I have a skinny butt too, in your face, humble brag, is not the whole story.

It doesn’t reflect the blood sweat, tears, and often years and years of hard graft that went into creating that success.

That’s why I’m going to share Lauren Gayfer’s story with you.

Lauren is a super talented nutritionist and is one of my Profit Packers and has made some epic changes in her business. Success has not been easy and there have been definite highs and lows too, but Lauren has stayed focussed and on track, and hasn’t given up!

When we first met, Lauren was stuck trading time for money. She was busy, but the money she was making didn’t reflect the hard work and effort she was putting in.

“About a year ago, my business was pretty seasonal and unpredictable. Some months would be great and others very slow and there didn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it.

I was seeing clients one to one in a rented room, or at home, charging per session. I did have a three session consultation package which I tried to sell to most clients so I would get a bit more money up front.

But the truth was, I wasn’t making enough money.

I was really excited about making changes, I knew there was so much more I could do with my business but I didn’t know how or what. I felt very limited by my geography and by my services .

I had to make some big changes!

One of the first things Nadia helped me to do was put my prices up. Eeek.

Once we’d done that she persuaded me to stop the one off sessions and offer only packages.

I finally felt valued, and if people weren’t prepared to pay for my expertise in improving their health, then I was happy to stop bending over backwards for them.

Once I felt comfortable with my new prices, I started thinking about group programmes so I could leverage my time and boost my profits.

I had been doing day retreats with a yoga instructor and those months were always more profitable. Of course it makes sense to sell one thing to lots of people.

So, I put together a free online 7 day challenge with the intention of moving these people on to a paid 28 programme.

I’m not gonna lie, It did take a bit of blood, sweat and tears, but I ran the programme and got a good number of people signed up to it!

I’ve now launched a monthly membership club which I am testing out on a small number of people (mostly people who have followed me through my challenge and programme) and I am hoping to grow this in 2017 once I feel happy with the format and the structure.

My people have been asking me for meal plans for years but for various reasons I’ve not delivered this. Now I have the chance to do this with my membership club and give people what they really want!

It’s been quite a year, for me and my business! Making all these changes has pushed me harder than I thought it would and it’s also been a massive learning curve.

I’ve learnt that I do not need to push myself quite so hard. I can go at my own pace and no-one’s going to know the difference.

I’ve made some mistakes but they’ve only been learning experiences. I know what I am good at and the process of taking people through journey has won me a few evangelists for my business which is amazing.

Next year is going to be about focus. I want to get the membership club right and in a place where members are getting what they need, good value, and I’m not working myself into the ground. I have learnt a huge amount this year and I am very excited about the future of my business!

As you can see, Lauren has moved her business forwards dramatically, but it has taken a year of hard work.

It didn’t just magically happen!

Because Lauren trusted me and was prepared to put the work in and stay focussed on her goal she’s ben able to achieve amazing results for herself and her family.

If you’re struggling and stuck comparing yourself to others. Stop.

If you’re not sure what to do next to grow your business. Stop.

Let me help you.

If you’re sick of working crazy hours for tiny profits… I can help you leverage your time and expertise so you hit those $5k months, without working any harder.

Less work. More money. More fun. What’s not to love?

Just imagine how you’d feel in a year from now, if you’d been able to raise your prices, package up your services, find new streams of income in your business, differentiate yourself from the competition and give your people what they really want.

Your business could look totally different! And you could finally be making the kind of money you deserve.

I know that right now, you may not be able to afford to hire me one to one, which is why I’ve created the Profit Pack, to help you make these changes in your business.

This is the program that I wish I could have had when I first started out.

And it costs just a dollar a day. You’d be crazy not to join!

The Profit Pack will help you leverage your time and expertise so you can work less and make more money!

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others… and take the first step to building the life you dream of.

Nadia xx