There’s something going on in the entrepreneurial world.. and it’s driving me crazeee.

We’re being fed a line.

We’re told that in order to make money in business we need an all-singing-all-dancing website, a huge email list, complicated sales funnel, long auto-responder sequences and loads of fancy software. And the rest.

As a result – I see people getting bogged down in endless to-do lists, drowning in detail and tech.

It’s painful.

You know the scenario:

“When I get 3000 people on my list, then I’ll be making money.”

“I’m having a Canva breakdown! I’ve spent hours making a few circles. And I can’t figure out how to change the text. Help me!!”

“I’m totally floundering. I’m keep getting stuck on the tech. (insert 3 paragraphs of detail here) My brain hurts. I feel like I’m fannying about with all this stuff and not making any money!”


The thing is… business doesn’t need to be so complicated.

Yes, later, those things can help you make more money. But you do not need to get every single one of those ducks in a row before profits make their way to you.

You can be profitable, you can make a handsome monthly income with a relatively simple set up.

It seems to me we’re using all this fiddling around as an excuse. It’s a way to avoid doing the things that scare us. The things that might actually lead to us making some money.

But this has to stop. Right here right now.

I believe that it’s completely possible to run your business more effectively, in a much more intelligent way, so you can do LESS and make MORE money.