My love of advent calendars runs deep.

Opening that first window and taking out the tiny little chocolate – it’s one of my favourite winter moments.

Actually, scrap that, it starts with the decision about which advent calendar to buy… and then of course dropping hints to Mr F, that he really ought to go massively out of his way to buy it for me.

And then, maybe I’m a bit of a nutter, but, once the calendar of my dreams is pur-chased, I love looking longingly at it on the kitchen counter, as we inch ever closer to 1st December.

As you probably know, I do have rather a sweet tooth, so the prospect of that first treat is quite a big deal for me (!) but I think it goes beyond that… honest.

I love the counting down to Christmas, day by day. It’s so exciting.

The thought of all the lovely lights, presents, food, woolly sweaters, sparkly outfits and of course (but perhaps to a lesser extent- he he) hanging out with my family!

It’s the anticipation I like.

It’s so tantalising. (Not sure I’ve ever used that word in an email before… feeling proud)

As I was saying, it’s the anticipation.

And as the guru that is Carrie Bradshaw would say…. “So I got to thinking…”

… about business.. and about anticipation in business.

How do you use anticipation in your business?

Do you tease and tantalise (I said it again!) your people when you’re launching or counting down to something cool.

Or do you just slap it in front of them like a big ham.

Wouldn’t business and the world be a more tingly place if we made people wait a little? Dropping hints….counting down, giving a sneaky peak… waving the prospect of something fabulous to come in front of people, and then whipping it away until it’s ready to go.

In the spirit of anticipation…. I’ve got something rather fabulous coming soon. I haven’t exactly decided what it is yet, but you’re going to love it!

Nadia xx