I’ve got a great story for you today…

Kathy is the founder of Dotty Dog Art. She’s an amazing artist who specialises in creating quirky and colourful, one of a kind, paintings that capture the unique essence of our canine furry friends. 

“When I first heard about Nadia I was working and working and working on my business… I was literally working every hour of the day and missing valuable family time in the process…

This wouldn’t have been so bad if I was raking in tonnes of cash but that was very far from the case! I was working like an idiot and only just breaking even at the end of each month, so I wasn’t even in a position to spoil my family on my very rare time off as I was as skint as a skint thing!!

I can’t even remember how I found Nadia… and I had no idea that there were people out there that could support and guide people like me to grow my business – I thought I had to fend for myself and just work really hard!

Things looked rosy on the outside.

On social media my business looked like it was thriving – I was posting updates about new commissions that I was working on and my following was growing nicely.

But, I was held back by fear.

My biggest fear was talking money and charging properly for what I was doing.

I didn’t have my prices on my website and when people contacted me for a quote, I’d mumble and fumble and take ages responding!

And as I was so busy painting lots of commissions for very little money I left myself no time to actually grow my business – I literally spent all my time replying to enquires and painting – no marketing, no lists, no opt in, no structure, no invoicing, no contracts, no website, no promoting myself, no anything really…

And then I started working with Nadia!

The first and most challenging change I made was, to raise my prices.

I remember talking to Nadia about my prices and she suggested I could more than double them.

I nearly fell off my chair!

But I did it.

With Nadia’s help I made the change. It was super scary.

But, for a few weeks after I put my prices up things went quiet. I started to panic.

I was convinced it was because my prices were too high, but in reality it was because my prices were now on my website which eliminated lots of random enquires, which of course saved me lots of time.

Since I raised my prices, I’m actually fully booked all the way to the end of the year. And I’m making proper money from my business.

I’ve even had 2 new enquires for Christmas commissions since I’ve been writing this story (whoop!) but I’m fully booked now – so obviously my prices aren’t putting people off!!

I’ve lost track of how long I have been working with Nadia, but my business is unrecognisable from how it was when I first contacted you.

I’ve still got a massive way to go but I am feeling very much happier now.


Yay! Such a great story.

I’ve loved working with Kathy. She’s absolutely adorable and her work is too. I’ve definitely got my eye on a commission of our new puppy Bobby!

(If you’d like to check out Kathy’s work click here)

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What a wally.

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Nadia xx