Stop buying random planners that don’t deliver!


Your action plan is not a living collage!


Your action plan is not a living collage!

Say no to working crazy hours for tiny profits.

You need a planner that will help you work less and make more money. Yeah!

You need the Pure Profit Planner.

This isn’t some airy fairy journal. Each page has been designed to help you GROW your business.

It’s not just pretty.

This planner will actually help you make more money!

  • 370 pages of strategic planning space for you to focus on your business.
  • Set big hairy goals and work out exactly how you’re going to make them happen.
  • Includes monthly planning pages which feed into your weekly planning – to keep you focussed
  • Space to track important stuff like targets, sales leads and money making activities.
  • A safe place to bring your new ideas to life – ready for when you need them.
  • Available either as a PDF printable or a ready printed paperback planner.

Take a look inside…

Here’s how the Pure Profit Planner is structured:

  • Section 1: Review the past year; what worked and what didn’t!
  • Section 2: Your vision for the year ahead
  • Section 3: Profit Planning – month by month, week by week
  • Section 4: End of Year Review

Each section has a purpose. To help you beat overwhelm. And focus on growing that business of yours.

Each month is broken down into:

  • Monthly planning tool to help you set goals and focus on how to make them happen
  • Goal tracker to keep you motivated and focussed
  • Monthly to do list
  • Customers and Project tracker – track what’s important
  • Weekly planning tool to help you track goals, leads, money making activities, things to delegate, successes and money in and out
  • Weekly journal with to do list, key focus and scheduler – dividing the day into 3 key chunks.

Turn your business into a laser focussed money making machine!

“I tried so many planners, it was becoming an obsession! As a business coach, I know all about growing businesses, and yet, the planners I tried were either too wishy washy, too fluffy, or waaay too boring. So, I hired a designer and made my own profit pumping planner. Rather than keeping it to myself, I’m sharing it with you, so you can ramp up your revenue too.”

Get your Pure Profit Planner

and take your business from meh, to oooo yeah!

Are you ready to rock your business? Or perhaps, like many of my clients you’re feeling a little daunted by all your plans and ambitions?

Hi! I’m Nadia Finer – and I’m a business coach. I specialise in helping female solopreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

My Pure Profit Planner is an interactive workbook designed to help you get your business on track and firing on all cylinders. It is guaranteed to help you think and work logically, so you can focus on growing your business and making more money! I know that running your own business can feel overwhelming at times. You’re on your own for a start – making it easy for you to get totally absorbed by your business bubble. There are so many things you could be doing, it can feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken.

That’s why I recommend taking some time out from your business – even just a few hours, to really think about your plans for the year ahead. Don’t bother with resolutions or random musings made in haste after too much wine – instead, spend some time making powerful plans which will actually happen.

Say no to overwhelm and feeling lost. Make a plan, follow it and watch your business blossom.

Let’s make this the year your business really starts to accelerate!

No more disappointment. No more overwhelm. Just a clear plan of action to take you to the life you dream of.