Oh happy day! I’ve got something fab for you!

It’s a pressie for making it to the end of my Profit Pump Challenge.

IT’s a special one time offer, that will help you take the next step towards those consistent $5k months.

For just US$197!


Read on to find out more… and to get your SPECIAL OFFER!

My academy style group coaching program will pump up your profits, scale your business and help you create a consistent flow of clients.

You started out with big dreams, but you’re trapped playing small. You’re putting in big effort but rewarded with small profits. Your list is small. Your client base is small. Your income is small. You’re fed up with small.


Are you struggling to make money in your business? You’re working your butt off for so little return; it’s not even funny.

Grimace of a beauty girl - caucasian girl - people concept

When you started this business, you had such high hopes, but it’s really hard. Friends and family see your efforts and assume you are reaping the rewards.
You can’t face telling them the truth.

You’re overwhelmed, fed up, confused and alone. And quite frankly pretty pissed off.
At the end of each month, you’re left with a few quid. Enough to pay the bills and that’s it. When you work out your hourly rate, you’re barely scraping minimum wage. You just want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers watching Netflix.

But don’t. Netflix won’t help you to grow your business. I will.


Imagine having money left at the end of the month, the ‘spare cash’ you thought was the stuff of legend. The fabled ‘spending money’ you’ve heard so much about. To do the things you enjoy. To travel and go on nice holidays. To buy that cute and completely impractical car you’ve had your eye on.

Nissan Figaro car

To spend more time relaxing. To ride your bike around with your hair flowing in the breeze. To invest in yourself and your business without feeling guilty.

Vintage bicycle with flowers in basket

Just imagine what it would be like to triple your income. To earn $5k a month or $10k or whatever your dream. Whatever big looks like to you. You decide.

And you’re making that money in a calm, controlled way. Building your business. Running your business. Not at the mercy of your business.

You can do this. I’m here to show you how.

Nadia Finer business coach

I’m Nadia, a business coach, and I help solopreneurs like you to go big even if you are stuck feeling little.

I know how hard it is to turn your business into a money-making machine. In the past, I’ve tried and failed. A few times!

I also know what it’s like to play small. I used to feel held back by my little voice and listened too much to the little voices in my head saying I couldn’t do it. But I’ve worked out how to ditch those doubts and beat those buts.

Since then, I worked out how to run a business that makes money. Lots of it. It’s really not that hard – if you know how.

And yet, day after day I see female entrepreneurs like you struggling to make money. Working your ass off for tiny rewards. Being busy and stressed for less than $1k a month.


That’s why I’ve created THE PROFIT PACK – to help women like you GO BIG. Before it’s too late. Before you have to give up your dream and reluctantly go back to having a j-o-b.

“Thanks to Nadia, I went from feeling overwhelmed, trying to do everything, selling myself too short to: feeling not only more confident in my business, but I have a clear plan and awesome packages to offer. I know where my business is heading, and the potential it has to thrive.

The momentum, interaction and support was a unique experience itself and that has to do with Nadia been a great mentor and a friend when you needed one. She helped me make important decisions when I needed her help, and she also kept my goals in check.
I totally recommend working with Nadia, she will save you hours and give you actionable structure in your business.” SusanJimenez.me

“I’d been stalking Nadia for a little while before I started working with her – I loved that she was a real, down-to-earth, no-nonsense type gal, someone who clearly knows her stuff and has been around a bit (in the nicest possible way!!) When she sent an email out telling me to ‘Wake up and get off the fence’ and told me to bring my Big Girl Pants when I did sign up, I knew I was onto a winner. You see, there are a lot of folks out there who know their biz shiz. But what I needed was someone who would gently coerce (and sometimes be a little bit brutal, but all in good humour) me into doing the things in my business that I was shying away from. My health & wellbeing business hadn’t been running for very long, but I was in dire need of some direction – I’m an awesome nutritional ninja, but the practical business side of things isn’t second nature to me. Nadia has played the exact right mix of Teacher, Hand-holder, Butt-Kicker and Nurturer. She absolutely rocks, and I feel like I can do anything with her on my team.”
Bella www.nutri-belle.co.uk

Join THE PROFIT PACK to learn how to pump up your profits…. and GO BIG!

You’ll learn a range of techniques designed to ramp up your revenue and create consistent $5k months. Finally!

If you’re sick of making less than you should in your business despite working your butt off, then this is the program for you.

“Working with Nadia has been exactly what I needed to get engaged and make the necessary changes to take my business up a level. Now I feel focused and ready to put all that I’ve learnt into practice, rather than previous programs where I’ve just felt overwhelmed. The other essential and brilliant aspect of the Nadia’s club is the community, i’ve had a new website designed by someone i’ve met and have learnt a great deal from my peers. If you want to move onwards and upwards in your business, don’t hesitate to get onboard and enjoy building your empire.” Natalie Silverman, Director, NATCHAT Productions

THE PROFIT PACK is a 12-month academy style group coaching program, run by me, Nadia Finer.

The Profit Pack is super structured. I’ll take you step by step along my PROFIT PATH, so that you’re moving day by day towards those $5k months. I’ll help you pump up your profits so you can fall back in love with your business.

I know how overwhelming all the tech stuff out there can be. I also know that business doesn’t need to be so bloody complicated!

We’re going to be focusing on the no-tech systems and strategies you need to grow your business. No Facebook ads, no massive lists, no tech induced migraines. I promise. This is the important stuff nobody else is talking about. We’ll focus on the quick and easy actions you can take right now to pump up your profits.

“Nadia has given me the structure, direction and momentum I need to take my business to the next level. I’ve been struggling to get out of the freelancer mindset: hand-to-mouth jobs that just about pay the bills. Now I’m set up with packages, prices that reflect the value I offer, and a plan of action for the future. And so much more confidence than I had before.” Laura Robinson

You’ll discover:

  • How to go from $1k months to consistent $5k months
  • How to get in the right mindset for success – so you’re able overcome and challenges flung in your path
  • How to create a consistent flow of clients without burning yourself out or getting overwhelmed by complicated tech
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition even if it feels like an impossible task.
  • How to give your people what they really want – in the format they want it
  • How to leverage each client relationship to ensure you maximise your profits

“Nadia is amazing! Not only did she assemble some seriously fierce, intelligent, focused women, but she provided amazing support and guidance every step of the way. I felt that I was truly taking a class with an instructor and an awesome group of students, with homework and killer assignments each week! I loved the accountability and the momentum that each weekly assignment created! If you have the chance to take this program, you won’t be disappointed – and your business will be MUCH better for it (and so will your psyche!).” Jennelle Yopchick

“So far the best support I’ve got with my business. Nadia is amazing. ” Anka Zawislak

When I first started out, I worked hard but struggled to make money. I was playing small. I resisted making the changes that would push my business into big profits.

But I pushed through my fears, and I did it. Now I’m here to show you how you too can GO BIG even if right now your business feels really little.

“Working with Nadia is one of the best investments in my business. I feel I have more clarity around my business. I learned to refine my operations, work out what my niche really is and what I should offer and how much I should charge for it. Recommended.” Anureet Sra


Here’s what we’ll cover over the coming months as we follow the Profit Path:


  • Why you feel little – understand what’s been holding you back
  • Your vision of success. (Not someone else’s!)


  • Get to grips with your current money situation. What’s coming in and going out.
  • Put systems in place to manage your cash
  • Make a money plan


  • Discover what makes you unique so you can stand out from the crowd
  • How to bring your personality into what you do
  • Learn how to tell your story


  • Building strong relationships with your people
  • Serving your people from a place of generosity and love
  • Being a positive source of inspiration for your people
  • Being prolific – creating content that inspires your people


  • Provide what people really want – in the format they want it
  • Create a logical portfolio of products
  • Package up your services to maximize your profits
  • Discover hidden gems – and monetize them
  • Pricing perfection


  • Learn to sell without getting all sweaty
  • Create a sales process that will help your business grow
  • Review progress so far
  • Create a plan of action to take you towards your goal



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Do you dream of recurring revenue? Perhaps you’re considering creating a membership site? Or a club for your peeps? When you join the Profit Pack you’ll get INSTANT access to my easy to follow Academy Academy program – worth $997, giving you the exact steps you need to take to turn your dream of recurring revenue into reality.

You’ll learn exactly how to design, build and launch your very own academy… so that you can scale your business, make more money and get real results for your clients!


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Questions, Questions!

How much does it cost to join The Profit Pack?

Membership is US$197 per month or US$1997 per year.

BUT if you sign up now, today… I’m offering you your first month for just US$147… so you can jump right in, and give it a go, without getting stuck on the fence.

That’s all. I know you’re not exactly raking it in right now, (that’s why you need this!) which is why I’ve made this so affordable it’s an absolute no brainer.

All you need to do is use the code NOBRAINER when you sign up to get your first month for just US$147!

How long does it run for?

The Program runs for 12 months, starting from the day you join.

How does it differ from other programs or memberships?

Rather than chucking random bundles of information at you or drowning you in sheer volume of content, I’ve designed the Profit Path to take you step by step, week by week to those $5k months. No more overwhelm. No more complicated tech. No more bright shiny object syndrome. We’re going to stick together and make this happen one week at a time.

What’s included in the membership?

THE PROFIT PACK is an online group coaching program, with an active and supportive Facebook group and a structured step by step process to get the cash flowing. You’ll receive weekly activities with worksheets designed to take you one tiny step at a time towards your goals. I’ll be there with you all the way. I’m not just gonna leave you to your own devices (don’t you just hate that!) – I’ll be there in the Facebook group helping you as you go through the program.

Will you be there to answer my questions?

If you’ve got a question, simply ask in the Facebook group, and tag me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, during office hours.

I haven’t started my business yet, does that matter?

If you’re a brand new entrepreneur that’s great. We can make sure you start your business as you mean to go on – with a focus on profit!

You’re right for The Profit Pack if…

  • You’re a solopreneur, running a service based business
  • But you’re currently making less than $2k a month
  • Or you may just be starting out and need a hand getting things moving
  • The main thing is, you’re committed to going big.

So that’s….

  • Step by step modules designed to take you from where you are now, to those $5k months.
  • Worksheets and templates designed to help you put this into action
  • The private Facebook group that includes support from me during office hours
  • Support and encouragement from your fellow female entrepreneurs.

How much does it cost?

And what will you pay for that bundle of goodness? After the first month, membership is just US$197 a month!
It’s an absolute no brainer.

Just over $16 a day…. to learn how to make $5k a month, month after month. That’s pretty reasonable!

“I have never been one to spend money on my business (that is crazy now I see!!) or ask for help with it but Nadia has changed my views completely! She is so supportive and positive and really does have an amazing way of helping you through your problems without making you feel overwhelmed or scared of what you need to do, but rather excited about what you can achieve! ” Claire Lefevre


If you have any questions, please email nadia@nadiafiner.com