Praise from happy clients

In case you’re looking for proof that I know what I’m on about, here are a selection of testimonials from people I’ve worked with:

Interview with Tosha from Nadia Finer on Vimeo.

“Nadia is a genuine and lovely lady and joining Project Profit was the biggest and best investment into my company to date, her expertise and workbooks helped me iron out all the kinks in my brand and throw myself full steam ahead!”
Helly London

“Nadia’s Project Profit program was amazing! Not only did she assemble some seriously fierce, intelligent, focused women, but she provided amazing support and guidance every step of the way. I felt that I was truly taking a class with an instructor and an awesome group of students, with homework and killer assignments each week! I loved the accountability and the momentum that each weekly assignment created! If you have the chance to take this program, you won’t be disappointed – and your business will be MUCH better for it (and so will your psyche!)”
Dr Jennelle   

“For the last couple of years I have been, to put it bluntly, working my ass off creating and building my business from scratch. As with most entrepreneurs, it has been a total labour of love and I have sent forth into the world streams of mojo boosting content that people have been getting a lot of value from. My clients love what I have been offering, and I have loved them back, and for a while I coasted along on the waves of client radness thinking that all this good energy and feedback was enough to sustain me. Turns out not really. Although I had the bones of a successful business, I had clients, I knew I filled a need etc etc, I wasn’t making money. And it turns out you can’t cash in hope and love at your nearest New World supermarket.

Business coaches held a certain terror for me. I had spent money with a coach previously (quite a lot of money) and I might as well have used it to light the fire. I had studied courses, read the books. I had examined my beliefs until I was blue in the face. I had seen the “How I Started My Business and Made 6 Figures in the first two hours” type posts and the “Here am I standing outside my palace- you can have this too” videos and I was started to feel like I had fallen into a big business coaching machine and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. If someone told me one more time that uncluttering my drawers or getting my money mindset was the key, I was going to swallow my own tongue. My cash was precious. I didn’t want to throw it at any old randomer who was promising me the world and telling me what I already knew.

I did a 5 day Challenge with Nadia – her Profit Pump Challenge- and I finally got it. In a free course, Nadia told me more about what I needed to do than many paid coaches had told me. I unclenched my little fist and decided to do her Project Profit course, which has just wrapped up, and I have to say, she is my fairy business godmother.

If you are feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the world of business coaching and are reluctant to part with your cash, I get it. But hold the faith!! Nadia has completely turned things around for me, and it’s probably fortunate that we don’t live in the same country, as I would probably follow her around opening doors for her, carrying her shopping bags. That kind of thing. If you are in a similar position to me, jump aboard dudettes! It’s the best thing I have ever invested in for my business.”
Jane P, Mindset Coach. 

“Project Profit is one of the best investments in my business that I have made. Working in a small group of ladies of a similar mindset and position led by Nadia, I feel I have more clarity around my business. I learned to refine my operations, work out what my niche really is and what I should offer and how much I should charge for it. Recommended.”
Anureet Sra, Web Designer  

“I have never been one to spend money on my business (that is crazy now I see!!) or ask for help with it but Nadia has changed my views completely! She is so supportive and positive and really does have an amazing way of helping you through your problems without making you feel overwhelmed or scared of what you need to do, but rather excited about what you can achieve!”
Claire Lefevre  

“Nadia’s Project Profit has given me the structure, direction and momentum I need to take my business to the next level. I’ve been struggling to get out of the freelancer mindset: hand-to-mouth jobs that just about pay the bills. Now I’m set up with packages, prices that reflect the value I offer, and a plan of action for the future. And so much more confidence than I had before.”
Laura Robinson, Copywriter  

“Project Profit is the first business course I’ve completed. Nadia has created an amazing 6 week course that ensures you have the foundations of your business as solid as a rock. She also gives you the tools to go out and make money without feel icky about it. The community in the group was phenomenal and being surrounded by other inspiring women created an unstoppable energy which pushed us all to creating incredible change in our businesses.”
Nicola Salmon  

“Nadia has something unique that I dare say is not seen enough in the worlds of business coaching: humility. Along with that beautiful virtue, her no nonsense practicality coupled with savvy know-how skills and smart strategy, make her the most lovely combo to work with. Don’t let the little voice thing fool you, she’s one kick ass coach that isn’t afraid to be herself and help you claim your place in your business and creations! I just love her, what else do you need to know?!”
Michelle Anita Wirta  

“Thank you so much for the super amazing, productive call yesterday. You really excel at giving value and I can feel how much you care. People like you are hard to find! You truly inspire me. Thank you for everything!”
Alex D. Massage therapist.  

“I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel already, Nadia! It’s early days,but my mindset is changing quickly. And that’s where it starts. Right?”
Carol Ann Webster  

“In such a short time Nadia has been such a help with narrowing my niche and giving me clear cut ways to move forward. Her sweet manner, yet effective approach make actions forward in my biz see so much realistic. I’ve gone from being at a complete standstill to making some awesome progress! Thanks  Nadia.”
Kelly Joseph,  

“Thank you for everything that you do. Just knowing that you’re my coach makes me feel confident that I can reach my goals.”
Nina Simone

“The Actionista Academy could not have arrived at a better time for me! Having taken the huge leap into freelancing, Nadia’s excellent coaching programme is full of help, guidance and lots of other entrepreneurs in various stages of their careers, all willing to help each other out. If you’ve got any kind of business question, Nadia has the answer and is available all hours of the day. Thank you Nadia for helping us on the road to success, so that we can follow our passions and do what we love!”
Charlotte Moore

“Thank god for the Actionista Academy! I need someone to get me to where I want to be. I’ve been trying on my own for far too long – very excited to be here!”
Risa Lynch

“Out of the many programs that I have purchased The Actionista Academy is the first one where I can actually feel accomplished and able to move towards my goal. Before I felt like I was running around in circles trying to figure out what to now, but since joining The Actionista Academy I feel like I have a step by step plan. Nadia is so much fun to work with, is totally accessible, and really wants you to succeed. Thank you Nadia.”
Pam Lozano

“Nadia is a surgeon, very precisely extracting the right information and action items from your brain so you can make the biggest strides in the least amount of time. Not only is she fantastic at what she does, but every session with her is like catching up with a friend! So many calls where we made ourselves snort laughing. Book time with her now. Do it.”
Brianne Villano, Customer Essentials  

“Nadia Finer is a business oracle. With a natural ability to be inspired by the plans of others, enabled by her extraordinary listening skills, she will galvanise and energise your direction and purpose. Not only will she tell you your goals are achievable, she’ll show you how to make it happen. I recommend her to all!”
Hannah Padden, The Glitterbox  

“Before I started working with Nadia, I was at a total loss as to what to do, having previously had lots of ideas but failed to really get anything off the ground. Nadia is extremely approachable, she’s been a fledgling solopreneur so she knows exactly where it’s all at and she’s great at coming up with inspiring ideas to grow a business.  After our coaching sessions I always come away with renewed confidence in my own ability and raring to go on the next stage of growing my business.  And again, Nadia keeps in regular contact via email and her Facebook group to make sure I’m staying on track, (something which is invaluable to me as I am the archetypal serial procrastinator) and to offer confidence boosters and any advice when needed.

I can honestly say that if I hadn’t started working with Nadia I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now where I’m starting to really build my business and gain great clients.  Her Facebook group is also a fantastic place to meet fellow fledgling business people and swap ideas and support and through this Nadia has often recommended my services and I have gained work.  As a solopreneur, having someone like Nadia in your corner is invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to start and grow their own business.”
Beverley Durridge, Sparkling Media  

“I have been working with Nadia over the past few months. I had my business in place but was struggling with a few issues of pricing, selling and confidence. Nadia helped me work out the best prices to charge and gave me some amazing tips on how to sell. Gradually, Nadia has increased my confidence in myself and my business. She has inspired me to continue and believes not only in my business, but me as well! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Nadia to anyone who needs a business coach. She’s fab!!”
Rachel G, Digital Marketer  

“Nadia is delightful and I’ve really enjoyed working with her. Nadia has made some real tangible differences for me. She’s helped me to clarify my niche, get more specific on my ideal client (what are their pain points, why would they buy from me, etc.), I’ve solidified my first program based around my new clarity about my niche and client, I’ve leaned how to incorporate language/pain points that help potential clients use so they can connect with me on an emotional level, I’m in the process of finishing up a sales page that does a beautiful job of clearly explaining what I do and how I can help (not an easy task!).

Working with Nadia I’ve gained confidence in what I’m doing. One of my biggest concerns before working with her was blending in and getting lost in the crowd of life coaches. I would read websites from other coaches and realize how much my stuff sounded like everyone else’s.  Since working with her I’ve been able to infuse what I do with my unique essence.

It has accelerated my business because it would’ve taken me months to come up with all this stuff all on my own. Not to mention she’s brainstorming right along with me, it’s so helpful to have someone like Nadia with business know-how helping me think of ideas.

Her strongest ability is organizing concepts and ideas and helping you see if it’s viable. I’m an idea person but I don’t always know how to organize them or turn them into something actionable. Nadia helps me to categorize, organize and analyze. She understands how to communicate what you do in a way that resonates with your clients.  I know I mentioned this before but it’s so important and she made it easy for me.”
Joanna P, Coach  

“I had been running my music review publication for three years and had recently finished in full time education; I was at the point in my life where my business needed to start growing more and making money. Working with Nadia has really helped me, not only in growing my business and skills personally, but Nadia also helped encourage me to think of new ideas and do things that I would usually shy away from.

Right now I am in the process on building my audience, so I can proceed to bigger plans at the end like a membership and paid advertising. Nadia has also helped me to build my own copy-writing service along side my business.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your business or ideas, Nadia Finer is a great person to work with. She works hard to understands your business and field of work and has an easy, friendly approach. She will get you out of your comfort zone and thinking of new ideas!”
Chloe Bevan, ShoutItLoudReviews  

“When I first met Nadia I was struggling to get started. Working with Nadia helped me get my business off the ground. She helped focus and take action, step by step. She also helped me realise that selling is not really selling, its helping people; and it’s not scary, its easy! Thanks to Nadia I am a lot clearer about what I want to do…and I have actually started my new business. Nadia is very sweet and kind but can kick your bum into gear when you need it most. She is very insightful and can think of things in a different way and help you find simple solutions to your problem. Thanks Nadia!”
Frances Sanchez, Marketing Consultant  

“Nadia knows her stuff! She points out clear and helpful direction, gives good options and solutions. Her experience in business is exceptional plus she is very creative- and it’s really hard to find someone who is strong in both these fields. I also like the fact she’s honest and direct without being at all negative! I would recommend Nadia to help build and max up your micro, small, medium or large business!”
Katie Carr, Founder of Tommy and Lottie  

“Love Nadia’s work. She is very professional and really helps me focus on what is important with my business! She’s also very well connected and her network of contacts and other professionals have been extremely useful too.”
Elaine Rainsford, Pub Owner.

“A few years back I met Nadia, when I was working as a florist, but I had ambitions to start my own business. I was fifty, my kids had left home I finally felt like it was my time to shine. I had started training to teach floristry at the local agricultural college. I loved it and found I was a bit of a natural!

Over the years, Nadia has supported and encouraged me on my journey to running a successful business. She helped me plan out my business idea, create a clear and compelling brand, and also set the price points. She coached me on business basics and gave me the confidence to set up my own website and Facebook page. All in all she helped me see that The Flower School could be a thriving business.

She encouraged me to hire out affordable but gorgeous venues, such as a Victorian school building, and bring branded props with me to create a cohesive, and professional looking brand. This meant I was able to keep costs low and create a scalable business that can grow with my ambitions.

I started small, running a few day courses for friends. Soon people began ringing and asking if they could come along.  Since those humble beginnings, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing! The Flower School now runs weekly classes, one off workshops and even hen parties and Anita has lots of big plans for the future. Setting up the Flower School has been amazing – I finally feel like I’ve got the career I always wanted. The business is now going from strength to strength, with local classes running throughout the year as well as corporate events. Thank you Nadia!”
Anita Lindeman, founder of The Flower School  

“I have received coaching from Nadia Finer over the past few years. I’m a photographer, based in Hertfordshire and I was looking for ways to grow my business. Nadia came highly recommended. She has helped support me through a number of business challenges, including a separation from my business partner and my new independent direction under the name Jeanette Lendon Photography.

Nadia helped me to realise that I should be focussing on my niche style of photography and to resist the temptation to get sucked into the highly price sensitive local family photography market. This has resulted in me getting the clients I enjoy serving, rather than the ones I need.

More than a business coach, Nadia is able to bring her innovative product and marketing ideas to the table, which make our conversations extremely useful. I always leave our sessions feeling energised, focused and ready to drive my business forward.

Nadia has helped me to focus on my strengths and the discover business opportunities which make the most of my skills and are financially rewarding. For example, she helped me to see that the work I had already done for a local hairdresser would be a lucrative angle for me going forwards.

She has helped me to focus my marketing efforts in the right places – rather than taking a scatter-gun approach. This has involved using digital magazines to showcase my work, using LinkedIn and networking in fashion circles.

Nadia always encourages me to take action towards my goals, each time we meet. Rather, than sitting back and waiting for clients to find me, Nadia has helped me to see that proactive business development is key to winning new clients. In the time I have known Nadia I have grown my business significantly. She is a great coach, and I thoroughly recommend her.”
Jeanette Lendon, Jeanette Lendon Photography  

“Unless you have met Nadia you may not have come across someone like her before. Generating an idea that you wished you’d come up with, doing something about it and then giving it back to you (and that’s before the biscuits are open) – is not an uncommon occurrence. She’s smart, fun and unexpected and will bring something special to any project.”
Jeremy Hill, Henderson Kite  

“Nadia is a ray of sunshine both as a person and as a professional. I always enjoy working with people with integrity, charm, skill and passion. Nadia has buckets of all of those. We had a great time working together and I would always work with her in the future.”
Zacchary Falconer-Barfield, The Perfect Gentleman & Entrepreneur  

“Nadia is an ideas-driven person who approaches everything with huge creativity and enthusiasm. She’s a great networker and is passionate about small business and entrepreneurship.”
Emily Cleaver, Freelance writer, content creator and copywriter  

“Nadia is an inspiration and an inventive female entrepreneur. She has helped me focus on my skill set so that I was able to take my business to another level and achieve greater success. I would highly recommend her consultancy.”
Jessica Valentine, Founder at Relationshiz  

“Nadia, is a brilliant person to brainstorm a new media strategy as she’s always one step ahead of how to get to achieve your goal using a new time saving method or system she’s developed online. She’s extremely easy to talk to and explains what can seem ‘geeky’ content in an engaging and useful way.”
Natalie B, British female voiceover, Breakfast show Presenter, Podcast and Audio content creator  

“Nadia is a talented individual who is full of creative ideas. Motivated and dedicated to everything that she does, Nadia is great to work with. She is easy to get on with and very approachable.”
Cheryl Luzet, SEO and usability consultant at Wagada  

“Nadia is a bright spark. That’s all that really needs to be said. But to elaborate slightly, she has real energy and enthusiasm for new ideas and a very practical side, which ensures ideas turn into action. Nadia has that rare entrepreneurial streak where she has an idea and does something with it, rather than park it.”
John O’Sullivan, Group Marketing Director at Key Travel & Founder and Chair at Ten2Two  

“I was looking for a way to organise my growing photography and filmmaking business; an inexpensive but effective set of tools that would help me organise my invoicing, clients, bookings, contracts and tasks. Nadia listened carefully to my requirements and came back with the perfect solution. I thoroughly recommend a Smartli session – it will save you time and money and help you focus on doing what you do best.”
Michelle Becker, Director – Pink Soul Pictures Ltd.  

“Nadia shares her extensive real-world experience as a serial entrepreneur with small businesses and start ups. She is perfectly placed to do so, having set up and run several successful ventures of her own. A published author, and coal face innovator, Nadia has a rare breadth of experience and first hand know-how.”
Victoria Mirauer, Director at The Ideas Machine  

“Nadia is charming to work with and very passionate about helping her clients promote their business objectives. She is genuinely interested in my business and is great at making me feel like a valued client. I would highly recommend Nadia.”
Galia Orme, founder of CHOC CHICK  

“Thank you so much Nadia for working with us. We felt completely stuck with no clear brand before, and you helped us come up with the most wonderful vintage-inspired concept. Our customers love it, we love it, and our business is growing from strength to strength. We love what you’ve helped us with so far and can’t wait to get onto the next bit of creating the buzz in the local area!”
Rebecca Page, Pages Salons

“Why do I love Nadia Finer’s work? Hmm… maybe it’s her frightening intelligence and terrific brain for new ideas, maybe it’s her quirky take on life, brands, the universe, or maybe it’s just her ready wit and the fact that I always walk away from one of our conversations smiling. She’s smart. She’s provocative. But, most of all, she’s got a big heart. If that doesn’t make a consummate professional small business mentoring, then tell me what does?!…”
Laura Gelder Robertson, Glow Innovation  

“I loved hearing your vision for how far I could take my business. You are an incredible inspiration to work with, so full of enthusiasm and passion. The thought of having you on board, steering me even higher than I can imagine for myself, fills me with excitement about the future.”
Ronit Gerber, The Smile System