The kid’s party was a sugar fuelled frenzy, with screaming to rival a Justin Bieber concert. Not my idea of a fun time. But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!

To escape the mayhem, I got talking to Jo, one of the other mums, and it turned out she was starting a business, as a reflexologist.

Things were going really well, although it was early days… and Jo was feeling pretty positive about the future.

But as she talked and told me all about her plans, I got that uneasy feeling in my tummy. And no, I hadn’t scoffed too many cupcakes!

I’d heard all this before and I could see exactly where her business was heading. Jo was heading for a life of crazy hours and tiny profits.

  • Charging $60 an hour. One off sessions, as and when people book in.
  • Paying $20 to hire a room. That leaves just $40 an hour.
  • Working part time around the kids and having time for admin, updating her notes, invoicing etc, the maximum number of clients she could realistically see in a day is 4. (4 x $40 = $160 per day)
  • Considering that most of her clients book in once a month, Jo would need 64 clients at any one time! That’s a lot of clients.
  • If Jo works 4 days a week she would make $640 a week, or roughly $2560 a month – and that’s if she never goes on holiday, her kids never get sick and she never needs to take time away from her clients.
  • And more to the point, $2560 is a long way from replacing the $5k per month she used to earn in her job.

You can see why I had that sinking feeling when she was telling me about her big plans!

This is a pattern I see all the time; on that leads to working crazy hours for tiny profits!

There has to be an alternative. A way for us to work less and earn more, so we can hit those $5k months without burning out or falling out of love with our business.

There lots of things you can do to stop this happening to you. Things like:

  • Putting up your prices! (And having the confidence to do so)
  • Creating packages of services
  • Leveraging your time through group programs or memberships
  • Create products that you sell over and over again
  • Automate your systems to save you time
  • And that’s just for starters!

All this is possible.

I know, because I used to be in the $100 for a one off session trap. I also used to spend hours with each client, so no only was my hourly rate cut in half, but I used to spend most of what I’d earned, twice over in the shops on the way home!

What a wally.

A made a change in my business and went from peanuts to six figures in just a few months.

Now, I charge $4800 for 12 sessions and I’m fully booked.

Now, I run group programs and I have a business club too.

Now, I get paid when I go to the spa. I get paid when I’m out with my friends. And it’s fab.

I want this for you too.

If you’re sick of working crazy hours for tiny profits… I can help you leverage your time and expertise so you hit those $5k months, without working any harder. Less work. More money. More fun. What’s not to love?

Stop putting a limit on the size of your business.

Let me help you!

I know that right now, you’re not ready to hire a coach. And that’s why I’ve created the Profit Pack, just for you.

This is the program that I wish I could have had all those years ago.

And it costs just a dollar a day. You’d be crazy not to join!

The Profit Pack will help you leverage your time and expertise so you can work less and make more money!

Unlike lots of business clubs, the Profit Pack is super structured. I’ll take you step by step along my Profit Path, so that you’re moving day by day towards those $5k months.

And at just a dollar a day, it’s a total bargain.

It’s time to stop wondering… and take the first step to building the life you dream of.

Nadia xx