I’m taking a stand against business bullshit!

Being told by multi-millionaires that you can skip years of hard work and authority building – just by following some scheme or fancy funnel – oh and you’ll have to drop $000’s on their latest program… it’s a load of crap.

It makes me think about tennis. And Serena Williams.

Imagine if I had a chat with Serena.. and I was like,

“Hey Serena, I want to be the best tennis player in the world, just like you.”

“Oh, OK.”

“Will you help me?”

“Sure…… ??”

“The thing is Serena, I want you to sort this out for me. Do you have a cheatsheet? Or maybe a roadmap I could use?”

“Erm. no, I do not.”

“I can show you some useful techniques that you could use in your everyday training, but then it would be down to you.”

“Nope. I don’t want that. I want you. And to be where you are now. I’ve got around 6 weeks.”

“I see. The thing is, it’s taken me around 30 years to get here. I train hard every day. I eat right. I have dedicated my life to tennis.”

“So what?”

“I have a team of trainers, and physios and nutritionists and coaches all helping to support me.”

“Oh. I don’t have any of that. It’s just me. And I only have 20 minutes a day to spend playing tennis. I have to do the school run, the laundry, and walk the dog you know.

Can’t you just tell me what to do. Exactly what you did to get here. I need a blueprint, pleassseeeee!

“Security! Someone call security. We’ve got another one of those blueprint nutters!”

I imagine at this point I’d be escorted off the premises.

I don’t believe in formulae, blueprints and cheatsheets. Sometimes I’m uber tempted to bash one out, so to speak, but then I have to stop myself. Yes, I’m sure people would like it, and I’d grow my list, but who is it really helping?


You are not me. Your business is not a carbon copy of mine. (Well, at least I hope it isn’t!)

I can share sensible advice with you, but the idea that everyone can follow the same roadmap to achieve mahoosive success, in a matter of minutes is a load of hogwash.

And that is why I don’t do it.

Nadia x

PS I may get taken out for saying this. If I do – please look after my dog!