Nadia is available for comment, expert tips, speaking and story development on the following topics.
  • Business Coaching
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Personal branding
  • Embracing insecurities
  • Playing small
  • Scaling up and making more money
  • Pricing
  • Authentic marketing and sales




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Nadia Finer is one of the UK’s most foremost business coaches with ten years experience supporting female entrepreneurs in her own unique style.

She has helped hundreds of clients around the world to start and grow their businesses and specializes in helping clients to work less and make more money.

Nadia is a published author, renowned speaker and podcaster. She has been featured in numerous publications including the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Marie Claire and The Telegraph.

Nadia lives in London with her husband, son Jacob and fuzzy dog, Bobby.

For media enquiries please email:

Speaking Engagements


Nadia is a regular speaker on the entrepreneurial circuit. If you’d like to invite Nadia to speak at your event please email:

What people are saying:

“You’re such a humble, loving and generous person. I’m an introvert too! I love how you give so much value. I loved your presentation and I plan to use all 10 points you shared. Cheers to making money!” Kim
“I love you so hard! You freakin’ rocked my world! Thank you for being you.” Amber

“You are hilarious, genuine and smart! Your message was perfect today, thank you. I can’t wait to learn from from you. You changed my business today!” Lisa
“Thank you for your bitchin’ business advice! Thank you for your beautiful warmth!” Aisha

“Nadia, your spirit warms my f*cking heart! Have you considered a career in stand up comedy? You’re hilarious and gifted and oh so wonderful! Thank for sharing and for being YOU. I am so drawn in. Your business inspires and empowers me.” Kasey
1. “Cheers to being left handed and for being the quietest most introverted rockstar I have ever met. Thank you for all the golden nuggets of wisdom you dropped today.” Rhonda
“You are just so cute and super honest and raw when you’re giving advice. It’s the perfect combination.” Monica
“Nadia, your speaking is absolutely captivating!! So funny, so real, so powerful!” Gordon
“I loved the humour and the pricing ass kicking! Much needed.” Pascale
“You are funny as f*ck! Still giggling!” Hattie
“Nadia, I just adore you! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and for being so joyful and down to earth! It was a true pleasure to meet you and learn from you.” Iman