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The ultimate guide to scaling your one-person business, rocketing your profits and going global, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Is your business just you, working from home? Do you struggle to fit it all in around the rest of life?

Are you selling your time for money, but there’s not enough time and not enough money?

It’s a problem that many one-person businesses face. When it’s just you, when you can’t squeeze any more into your day, how do you scale? How do you spread your message, build a tribe, and make more money?

In Little Me BIG Business, business coach Nadia Finer has the answer: it’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter.

In five simple steps you’ll learn how to work from home, in the time you have available while reaching more people and boosting your profits.

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Discover how to find your perfect customers, optimize your business model, uncover new revenue streams, smash your sales figures, perfect your pricing structure, max out your marketing efforts, and much more.

  • a 5-step growth plan you can follow whatever your business
  • packed with realistic, sensible advice on pricing, sales, marketing and more
  • an irreverent look at the crazy realities of life when your business is just you

No more playing small. No more limitations on what you can achieve. It’s time to kick fear in the face and turn your tiny profits into big bucks.

Little Me BIG Business is available through your favourite bookstore or online at:

Get your copy!
Get your copy!

A massive thanks to all my supporters! Thank you for believing in me and helping me turn my book into a reality.

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