Jade Moon, is an education consultant and the founder of  entrepreNERD HQ. 

“When I first met Nadia I was stuck, frightened to ask for help and also frightened to fail. I had a big vision but was taking little action, largely due to my circumstances. I was crippled by anxiety, procrastination and indecision.

My biggest block is my mindset. I am by nature a positive person who believes I can pretty much achieve anything. In my career, I have had awesome achievements but somehow, because my business is for me, that makes it so much harder to take the first step!

Working with Nadia has kept me going, and helped inch me closer and closer to my goal.

Nadia’s style is very unique. Her humour and down to earth approach is stellar.

It’s an honour to be part of her community where all the ladies cheer each other on.

I have joined big expensive and well known programmes before…but I didn’t find great value.

I think Nadia offers more value in her little finger than most of the ‘famous’ big ticket coaches!

Her Profit Pack program is super personal. She really gets to know her clients, keeps them motivated, doesn’t give them advice that means overstretching themselves financially, emotionally or physically.

Nadia has a wonderful disarming charm that it’s so engaging. She never pretends to be superwoman – she keeps it real.

I think she attracts a wonderful bunch of women who are just like her…clever, funny and full of creativity.

I started seeing results when I started taking action. I am now fully booked for consultancy and seeking investment for my edtech business.

I left my job last Easter, I had a small pot of money and it was quickly disappearing. But, with Nadia’s help, but by the end of the year things had totally changed.

At Christmas, I totally spoilt my son and myself with gifts…it could have been so different. I was totes emotional because I was just so incredibly grateful and 2017 was going to be so much better!!

I have Nadia to thank for sticking with me and never giving up on me. I am naturally impatient, I am used to leading big teams and now it is just me. So the biggest lesson I have learnt was one that I read in an entrepreneurship blog which said, don’t compare yourself to others who have being doing this for a lot longer than you…they are in their time zone and you are in yours. It reminds me to be kind to myself.

I have so much to look forward to in 2017, like setting up my podcast/YouTube show, getting to the final stages of Creative England investment round and launch an edtech product, and running business boot camps for urban teenagers. I am fully booked…in fact, turning consultancy work away!”

To find out more about Jade and her amazing work with the EntrepreNERDS head over to missjademoon.com