helly london nadia finer business coachHelly London is a business coach and marketing strategist working with creative companies including fashion directors, event management agencies, entertainment brands and fitness personalities. 

“I was venturing into the world of business coaching after building a portfolio of expertise in corporate sales and marketing and had huge overwhelm.

I was working crazy hours for little return because there was always something that needed perfecting. If I wasn’t editing the website I was creating programmes, working on branding and growing my social media. I ended up with no time to make sales and I didn’t know where to start.

I had lots of great contacts, but I also had huge overheads!

My business excited me no end and I spent all my time working on it. I was really very proud of what I had created.



Unless I could get out of my rut, and start making some proper money, I was terrified I would have to walk away from the business that I loved.

I always stumbled across these ‘6 figure selling’ coaches and business support mentors on Facebook and they were so full of fluff there was no real answers to peoples questions! I needed someone that would be get straight to the point and actually help me.

And then I found Nadia.

Nadia listened to my worries and then give me a massive kick up the butt.

I realised quickly that I’d been so caught in my rut, that I’d lost all sense of clarity.

Nadia helped me to take a step back and see what I was actually actively working on. It was almost laughable!

If you’re fussing over all the little stuff constantly, and not doing sales generating activities how will you ever make any money?!

Nadia is so down to earth and real, when she talks to you its like talking to a friend you’ve known for years- that really helps when your having a meltdown, hahaaa!

I knew I needed Nadia’s support but the biggest decision for me what whether I was going to invest in myself.

About 3 and a half weeks into working with Nadia I signed a $15,000 deal and I purely put that down to Nadia not letting me lose focus on my end goal.

I was super excited and Nadia was genuinely happy for me. It just shows that she really cares about her clients and thrives of our success.

It’s like the same feeling you get when you buy a whole new wardrobe, and everything is shiny, new and exciting. It was an amazing feeling!

In the 6 months prior to working with Nadia I earned roughly $15,000 from marketing brands.

And in the 6 months since I started working with Nadia I’ve earned more than 6 times that!

My plans for the future?

My goal now is to go big!”