My mate Michelle got herself in a right ol pickle this week.

Her business had literally keeping her awake at night for weeks.

In the early hours, all the little worries that come with running a business were turning into big monsters, with green gunge, stinky breath, and everything.

Nightmare. Literally.

Michelle popped round yesterday for a cuppa… to visit Bobby our new puppy.

In between trying to stop Bobby peeing on the rug and nibbling on our toes, we had a good chat.

Michelle is great at what she does, really great. But she’s never actually run a business before. So all this stuff was new and big and scary… and so overwhelming.

It turned out that all the things that were holding her back were easily fixed… a couple of systems, some terms and conditions, a change to her pricing structure.

I had no idea Michelle was feeling like this. She’d been keeping all her worries to herself for ages, not wanting to admit she needed help. She’d spent months struggling on alone in silence. (I gave her a slap when I found this out!)

It’s so obvious when you think about it.

If you’re stuck – ask someone who knows all about it for help.

If your car was spluttering you’d go see a mechanic. If your boiler was on the blink you’d call a plumber. If your broadband was bust, you’d yell for an engineer. If your hair was all over the place, you’d go see the stylist.

So, why is it any different with your business?

Don’t struggle on alone, getting all stressed and anxious. It’s not productive. And every moment you waste, is delaying the success of your business.

If you need a hand, let me help you, like I’ve helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs before you.

I’ve created the Profit Pack to help you get your business back on track. For just $37 a month you’ll be taking it step by step to those $5k months.

Here’s what Kathy has to say about life as a Profit Packer:

“I love being one of Nadia’s Profiteroles!!! Having such an awesome group of amazingly supportive biz ladies with such a wealth of different skills and experience is invaluable to me and my business. And I certainly wouldn’t feel confident or able to move my business forward in the way I am if it wasn’t for the serious support and butt kicking from Nadia – she knows her stuff and totally rocks at supporting us all!!!! LOVE this group xxxx

Want in on the action?

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No more overwhelm. No more being all alone. No more getting distracted. No more letting the worries take over.

Sounds good doesn’t it!

Nadia xx