Caroline is a Facebook ad consultant. She started out as a food blogger but soon realised that her skills didn’t not lie in recipe development or food photography but rather in working out the tech and social media side of blogging.

After a brief detour setting up a business to provide business advice to food businesses she is finally growing a successful business helping others with their Facebook ads and list building. 

“I was completely floundering and had basically stopped doing anything because I felt completely overwhelmed. I had no idea how to get things working.         

I was just about ready to give up but couldn’t quite give up the dream of running my own business and having more creativity and freedom in my life.    

But, I was spending money and had nothing except a bit of advertising money from my food blog coming in. It was really just something I spent time and money on for no return. 

At first my plan was to provide business training to food businesses through courses and one on one advice. The only problem was that no one wanted what I was offering!

Even though I had years of experience working in catering and have great financial management skills, I felt like a fraud.

I think part of the problem was that I hadn’t actually set up a food business myself. As a result, I wasn’t being visible or taking action to actually find clients!

I had worked with another business coach and while we had gotten foundations in place from a strategy side of things, I hadn’t gotten over my mindset issues nor had I worked out if  was offering something people actually wanted from me.

I had also taken a blogging course but it didn’t really fit in with the type of services I wanted to offer. Plus it had all been a bit self directed and because no one was holding me accountable to finishing I just lost the plot half way through the course.         

Because I had had a business coach help me set up the foundations I thought the problem was that I was just not doing the work. I thought that the problem was me not holding myself accountable rather than needing a business coach to help me get back on track.       

I first heard about Nadia when Kimra Luna mentioned her business coaching skills, in her group, The Freedom Hackers. I started following Nadia’s podcasts and watching what else she was doing. 

Things were difficult. I knew things weren’t working with my business. Plus, I had just left a super toxic work environment and while I had found another job, I didn’t want to have to be in the position of working in such a toxic environment ever again. I wanted to make sure I had more control over my life.       

That’s when I decided to work with Nadia.

It took about 6 months for me to make the change. It would have happened quicker but it took me a while to let go of the food business consultancy and actually start working on a business that was more aligned to my skill set and what people were looking for!    

I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough. But then people started to hire me and they started to see results and that was just an amazing feeling. I still haven’t completely conquered my concerns about not being good enough but am no longer letting them stop me.      

When Nadia gave me permission to stop doing the food consultancy business and look at something else, the relief I felt was immense.

Permission may sound a bit weird but I wasn’t allowing myself to quit on something that was not working. I needed someone else to say it was ok to do that. 

I still think the food consultancy business met a need but I didn’t have the right connections to make it work. Also, it met a need rather than a want and that is always tough to get people to buy!          

Now my business is growing steadily. I am building up savings and a steady stream of business so that I can go full time in my business.

I am still working out my packages and services but my doing this while still working means there is less financial risk when I make mistakes, than if I was working in my business full time.     

I am starting to get a regular stream of clients. While it is not enough income yet to leave my job, I finally feel like that dream can be a reality. I can see the potential in my business.

But the biggest achievement is starting to take action again on building my dream. I have gone from unstuck to moving forward and that is a fabulous feeling.        

There are two specific results I have had since working with Nadia.

On the numbers side I am actually making a profit! But, perhaps more importantly I have had clients who have seen results and provided great feedback on the support I have provided them.

I have also got a new website up and I have hired someone to help me get my brand sorted but it the feedback that has felt like the real achievement.  

Nadia is very supportive and encouraging but she isn’t afraid to give me a kick up the bum when needed!

It has just been great to know that I have someone on my side providing great sensible advice and cheering me on.

There is value in doing things on a shoe string but sometimes you need to get help.         

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to spend money on your business. I am not saying you should go overboard and my all the latest and greats tools, programs and courses but don’t be afraid to spend some well targeted money to get the help you need.          

Joining the Profit Pack has been great in terms of meeting other female entrepreneurs. It has been lovely to meet other entrepreneurs in a smaller group. I often feel the larger groups are overwhelming for me – particularly as an introvert but these groups have been big enough to get great advice and support without feeling a bit lost. This has been particularly important for me as none of my family and friends own small businesses.    

My plans for the future?

I want to get to a point where my business supports me and I can work on it full time. I might add some additional services but for now I want to focus on developing my Facebook ads skills further and getting great results for my clients. I am keen to get a course up and running for those who are just looking at starting with Facebook ads – a reasonably priced intro course. There is quite a bit out there already but the courses tend to be fairly in-depth and a bit overwhelming for those just dipping their toes in to the Facebook ad world.   

Hiring a coach has been the best thing for my business. The benefit of having a second set of eyes on your business is amazing. While you can get advice in Facebook groups or by googling it just doesn’t equate to the advice of someone who knows you and your business and what you want to achieve.”

If Facebook ads leave you feeling frazzled, and you need some help, check out Caroline’s website Caroline has become my go to Facebook ads guru!