Logo design cock ups

Posted by Nadia on July 30, 2013
I don’t have filthy mind, honest, but I keep seeing logos that are unintentionally rude.  Perhaps logo designers the world over are playing the design equivalent of sexy scrabble? Or maybe there’s not enough proof reading going on? Take a look at the following links, (but only when there are no children or bosses present) and enjoy the true bell end of corporate identity. I’m not actually going to feature a long list of these images
  The holy grail for many brands is to receive endorsement by the celebrity of the moment. We aspire to the magic powers of David Beckham, Andy Murray, Kate Moss or the Duchess of Cambridge to launch our business into the stratosphere. Entrepreneurs rely on the talents and contacts of a PR agency to secure a valuable endorsement, or simply (and more cheaply) finding someone of influence who happens to love your product. For larger
I love shopping; the buzz of finding something gorgeous makes me feel happy. What could be better? Well, finding that perfect purchase at a bargain price, that’s what. But I’m not a fan of the end of season sales. All that chaos does my head in, I don’t want to wait until the weather has turned cold before I stock up on strappy dresses and sandals, nor do I want to have a fight with