Warning… Business Rant Ahead

Posted by Nadia on August 16, 2016
There’s something going on in the entrepreneurial world.. and it’s driving me crazeee. We’re being fed a line. We’re told that in order to make money in business we need an all-singing-all-dancing website, a huge email list, complicated sales funnel, long auto-responder sequences and loads of fancy software. And the rest. As a result – I see people getting bogged down in endless to-do lists, drowning in detail and tech. It’s painful. You know the scenario:
It’s been a while since I wrote. I’ve been suffering from deer-in-the-headlight-itis …. I really wanted to get in touch, I just didn’t know quite what to write. There I’ve said it! I was feeling the pressure. Pressure to use the right format. Pressure to conform. Pressure to convert. Pressure to be as good as everyone else. I used to just write. Hell, I’ve written a book for goodness sake. And I actually love writing.
  “Hi Nadia. I’m at the really early stages of starting a new business. I’m not ready to launch yet, as I’m still developing my products. When do you think I should start telling people what I’m up to? Should I lay low until I’m ready to start selling?” Rachel, Sussex   Hey there Rachel. It sounds like you’re in the middle of an awesome adventure, turning your idea into a reality…. and I’m pretty
Want to create an animated video for your website? Perhaps you’re after one of those cool explainer videos to show people what you’re all about. Or maybe, you’d like to go crazy and create viral videos to send your traffic sky-rocketing? Now, thanks to the totally awesome GoAnimate, the sky is the limit. And you don’t need a huge budget, team of animators, or a camera crew. Look what I made in just a couple
Have you ever wondered how how healthy your website is? Does your site refuse to fly up the search engine rankings, even though it’s awesome?​ ​In order to rank well on search engines, there are some basic things your site can do to improve, the trouble is, us mere mortals don’t tend to know what they are. I’m no expert in this field, but we know a man who is; the fantastic Neil Patel. He has
Why does your business need a CRM? And what is a CRM anyway? There’s a lot of talk about CRM systems – often by people trying to sell them, but is it just a load of ol’ rubbish, or could a CRM system help you grow your business? First up, let’s get clear on what a CRM system is. WHAT IS A CRM? CRM stands for Customer/ Client Relationship Management. A CRM is an online
Does success require us to be badass in business?  Recently, when I was facing a number of business challenges, my lovely brother suggested a radical new approach. “Maybe you should unleash a bit of your inner honey badger?” My instant reaction was to splurt out my coffee, thinking my usually polite brother was making a rather intimate suggestion. Not the kind of thing he should discuss with his twin sister. I mopped the coffee from
What do you think led to the downfall of Blackberry?     I remember the day I got my Blackberry. It was the spring of 2008, I’d just had a baby and I was struggling to fit my work and writing around endless feeding and walks round and round the park with a mini scream machine. My shiny purple Blackberry Pearl represented a lifeline to the world of grown up conversation. Suddenly I could email
Focus on the big wins and go for growth! I’ve been re-reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss for the nth time. As always his words have inspired me. We’re all guilty of losing focus, and with so many distractions surrounding us, going off on a tangent is hard to resist. I confess, I even found myself going off on one whilst reading his book, looking for interesting tweets and articles on the