“This is a lifestyle business, so I’m OUT!” It seems dragons and sharks have an aversion to lifestyle businesses. Have you noticed? It’s an accusation often levelled at people, usually women, when the judgy investors on Dragon’s Den / Shark Tank think a business is too small or doesn’t have the potential to scale … and is usually followed by them hugging their wodges of cash ever tighter. To them, a lifestyle business means that you’re

My conversation with Serena Williams

Posted by Nadia on February 20, 2017
I’m taking a stand against business bullshit! Being told by multi-millionaires that you can skip years of hard work and authority building – just by following some scheme or fancy funnel – oh and you’ll have to drop $000’s on their latest program… it’s a load of crap. It makes me think about tennis. And Serena Williams. Imagine if I had a chat with Serena.. and I was like, “Hey Serena, I want to be

The art of anticipation

Posted by Nadia on November 28, 2016
My love of advent calendars runs deep. Opening that first window and taking out the tiny little chocolate – it’s one of my favourite winter moments. Actually, scrap that, it starts with the decision about which advent calendar to buy… and then of course dropping hints to Mr F, that he really ought to go massively out of his way to buy it for me. And then, maybe I’m a bit of a nutter, but,

You may throw up in your mouth

Posted by Nadia on November 21, 2016
I’m sure you’ve seen people talking about how they made multiple six figures in a matter of months. Everywhere you look online, people are sharing their successes and making it seem super easy. You know the kind of thing, right? All that success is nice and everything, for them, but…… if you’re really honest, it’s a bit, you know… sickening. I mean, how the hell did they get there so easily, when you’re struggling?! It’s

Are you wearing the right knickers?

Posted by Nadia on November 14, 2016
It’s been a busy couple of weeks, that’s for sure. I’ve loved helping my peeps take the first steps along the Profit Path so they too can make more money without working any harder. There have been breakthroughs galore! Here’s what you’ve been saying: “I scrapped my entire business the way it was, as per some great suggestions by Nadia. Instead of freaking out, I am calmly redesigning my brand and working on a business plan.

Don’t be like Michelle

Posted by Nadia on November 7, 2016
My mate Michelle got herself in a right ol pickle this week. Her business had literally keeping her awake at night for weeks. In the early hours, all the little worries that come with running a business were turning into big monsters, with green gunge, stinky breath, and everything. Nightmare. Literally. Michelle popped round yesterday for a cuppa… to visit Bobby our new puppy. In between trying to stop Bobby peeing on the rug and nibbling on

It was the party from hell… until…

Posted by Nadia on October 31, 2016
The kid’s party was a sugar fuelled frenzy, with screaming to rival a Justin Bieber concert. Not my idea of a fun time. But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do! To escape the mayhem, I got talking to Jo, one of the other mums, and it turned out she was starting a business, as a reflexologist. Things were going really well, although it was early days… and Jo was feeling pretty positive about the

Are you a glitter-preneur?

Posted by Nadia on October 24, 2016
Are you a Glitterpreneur? Sounds jazzy, doesn’t it. The official definition (according to me) of a glitterpreneur is an entrepreneur who is easily distracted by shiny things and new ideas. And confession time… I used to be a glitterpreneur too. A glitterpreneur scatters ideas around like… er, glitter. They jump from one thing to the next, in the hope that something will stick. They love creating new products and offerings and generally making shiny new stuff. They

They were dropping like flies

Posted by Nadia on October 16, 2016
It must be the time of year… everywhere I look people are dropping like flies. It seems like there’s a bad case of loneliness doing the rounds amongst the solopreneur community. There are times when being a lone ranger can feel very lonely indeed! I love working on my own. I especially love being the boss! Making all the decisions and not having to answer to anyone – yeah! Control freak? Perhaps. Girl Boss? Yes!

She doubled her prices… and…

Posted by Nadia on October 10, 2016
I’ve got a great story for you today… Kathy is the founder of Dotty Dog Art. She’s an amazing artist who specialises in creating quirky and colourful, one of a kind, paintings that capture the unique essence of our canine furry friends.  “When I first heard about Nadia I was working and working and working on my business… I was literally working every hour of the day and missing valuable family time in the process…