28: Believe to receive! Jacob takes over and goes all motivational speaker on us

28: Jacob takes over and goes all motivational speaker on us

Where does he get this stuff from?


26: The Lovely Launch: How to launch your way without the stress or panic

Little Voice Big Business Episode 26: The Lovely Launch: How to launch your way without the stress or panic – and without copying some crazy complicated launch formula. Thunderbirds are go!


25: Build your list like a legend: Everything you ever wanted to know about list building

25: Build your list like a legend: Everything you ever wanted to know about list building without any of the BS!


24: Beat overwhelm: How to stop searching for answers, scrabbling around and feeling like you want to throw up!


23: Is your business an expensive hobby? And what to do about it!

Little Voice Big Business presents:

Is your business an expensive hobby? And what to do about it if it is!


22: My marvellous must-have money-mindset hacks that will get the money rolling in!

My marvellous must-have money-mindset hacks that will get the money rolling in!

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Stressed woman raising one eyebrow

Today, we’re talking abut money… in particular, profit; aka the money you get to keep once you’ve paid all your bills.

I know that some of you struggle to make much profit when all is said and done, perhaps, even none at all.

In a recent survey I did with the people on my list and found that over two-thirds of people were making less than a $1000 a month profit. Not much money!

It is also very disappointing if you’re actually working very hard to get to that point and the money you’re left with at the end of the month is nothing more than some pocket money. Far from enough to enable you to live the kind of life you dream of.

I’m on a mission to sort this out!

I’m determined to help women, like you, make enough money in your business which will be worthwhile for you to be out and buy the kind of things that you want to buy and also afford ….like paying the bills or the mortgage; being able to treat the people that you love to stuff like holidays or buy a new car if you need to that kind of thing.

We’re not in this to have an expensive hobby. We’re here actually to make money from our business.

The first thing I’d like to address is our attitude to money, or our money mindset.

I’m not going to preach to you and pretend that I feel completely comfortable talking about money or charging my draft because it’s definitely something I’m working on, but I think there’s a lot we can do to improve our money mindset and stop this awkwardness around money.

Tell tale signs you’ve got money mindset issues:

  • You feel funny telling somebody how much your service or product costs
  • You feel compelled to offer a discount because you want people to like you
  • You avoid sending invoices or doing your finances – putting things off which will get you paid
  • You often do things for free
  • You feel guilt around charging for your services
  • You worry that people are going to think you’re greedy or money grabbing
  • You worry that people will see through you and question your pricing

There are a lot of things which might be going on in your mind and also which will impact having run your business.

I’m not immune to this! But, I have developed some simple techniques to help me push through these feelings of guilt and fear. I’m hoping I can share these with you and you’ll be cured of this nonsense forever!

  1. I find it helps me to think that if I was working for a charity, I’d still get paid. If I did the work I do for a charity, People, who work for charity on the whole, other than volunteers, get paid.
  2. If you didn’t get paid for what you do, you wouldn’t be able to keep on doing it. Let’s assume that unless you get paid, you won’t be able to pay the bills. You’d have to go and get another job, to survive.
  3. If you get paid and you have a viable business, you’ll be able to continue helping people. Presumably you’re doing what you do so you can help people. So, turn it into a sustainable income and you’ll be able to help more people.
  4. I didn’t believe it at first but it turns out that if you give people something for free or at a very low price, they don’t appreciate it. They don’t take it seriously and the less likely to get the results. It’s true. I’ve tested the theory! You know when you go shopping and you buy something which is a total bargain, you don’t necessarily wear it as much, though, you were going to and you don’t wear it as much as say something which is more expensive which you value and appreciate more. You don’t want to be that person who is undervalued and whose clients don’t necessarily implement your recommendations or take action, because that would undermine your skills. If people don’t take your service seriously, it damages your impact and puts your reputation at risk.
  5. When you’re running a business, giving the people advice or helping them with a particular challenge or problem, you’re setting a bad example by not setting boundaries and by not charging your worth. You’re sending a really messed up message to your clients, showing them that you don’t value yourself.

So what’s the solution?

There are some simple things that you can place in your business to make easier to get paid and ask for money and, therefore, make more money / profit- in your businesses.

  1. GET SOME SYSTEMS: Now this doesn’t sound particularly glamorous or sexy but having systems in place which ensure you get paid is a very good idea. For example, someone expresses an interest in working with you, you send them a contract. On acceptance of the contract, send in an invoice. The invoice explains that they need to pay half upfront- 50 percent- and the other 50 percent- perhaps on completion of the project. Therefore, you’re safe in the knowledge with the half of the money and the rest is coming later.
  2. GET LEGAL: Put some terms and conditions in place. All your clients should sign a contract when they start working with you, so you’re pretty sure all things being well, you’ll get paid at the end. This reduces time spent chasing payments, or worse, taking people to court! By sorting the stuff all at the beginning, you’re making your life a lot simpler and a lot less awkward.
  3. SET YOUR PRICES: Another really simple thing you can do is set your prices. Write them down; have them on your website or when you’re talking to someone about your price, when you feel the urge to give them a discount or undercut yourself, DON’T! Just read the price. Read the price that you owe him down that you decided upon, don’t change it or cut it and just read it out loud. Write on your hand if you have to, do whatever it takes to stop yourself from undermining your own credibility.
  4. SELLING IS JUST HELPING: Selling is essentially solving a problem for someone. Create products that solve a problem. When I’m talking to somebody whom I’m about to sell to think about the fact that I’m helping them rather than selling to them. And helping feels really nice.
  5. GET PAID: If like me you subconsciously forget to do the things that bring in money – like sending invoices….. DON’T! Schedule time each week to get paid!
  6. MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES: Are you spending time on the wrong activities? If you’re super busy but not making much moolah chances are you’re avoiding the key stuff that’s gonna grow your business. If you often find yourself making stuff instead of selling it, it’s time to get a grip! Stop fiddling with your website, making things look pretty, writing yet another blog. This is often my fall back position too. But once you notice that you’re doing it, you can ensure that your business shifts focus onto the stuff that’s gonna have an impact – like sales calls, building partnerships, talking to key influencers etc etc.


I’ve made you a Profit Planner – it’s a super easy to use printable that will help you shape your week around money making activities. If you’re ready for your first $5k month and you’re sick of working crazy long hours for ridiculously small profits, you’re gonna love this. My Profit Planner will help you focus your time and energy on money-making activities, so you can achieve a bigger income with a smaller to-do list.

It will help you:

  • Get focussed on money making activities
  • Beat overwhelm and say hello to clarity!
  • Set clear goals
  • Track leads and opportunities
  • Create more ease and flow in your business
  • Generate more income!


Sign up now to get your planner and get on the list for my Profit Challenge.


21: Are you too busy? Or are you just scared? (I was!)

Are you too busy? Or are you just scared? (I was!)

What happened when the podcasting gremlins reared their ugly head.

It’s been a while since I made a podcast and I was thinking this morning as to why it’s been so long ….

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At first I thought it was because I’ve been so busy, running my new 6 week program called Project Profit which has taken up loads of my time. It’s been amazing and I really loved working with these amazing entrepreneurial women to help them grow their businesses and make more money.

Being so busy meant I had the perfect excuse to take a break. Just a few days off, then maybe a couple of weeks, and then a few more weeks, after that…. I’d definitely get back into it.

But as the time went on and the weeks passed, I realized that there was something else going on. The longer I was out of the podcasting game, and the less accustomed I was to talking to you, the more worried I was about starting up again. Then, it dawned on me. I had taken such a long break from it that I got the fear.

I thought fear was something I was used to, and there didn’t need to worry about anymore. But suddenly all these doubts appeared!

Ashton, one of my Actionistas who was actually was on the podcast the other day, refers to these little voices as the itty-bitty-shitty-committee; the little gremlins on your shoulder who tell you that you can’t do something or that you’re not gonna be any good… well these guts were out in full force!

And I found myself telling Natalie, my producer that it’s just been too busy; haven’t had time. Just give me a few more days. Or maybe weeks!

And, yeah, I was surprised that I was not immune to this anymore. I felt that because I’d cracked podcasting, that I was into it, enjoying it and people gave me nice feedback … I thought I was fine, I’ve conquered my visibility fears, and it’s all good.

Well, it turns out that wasn’t true at all! It turns out that the minute you stop doing and taking action, and start thinking about it, the gremlins, leap on the opportunity to start putting these little doubts back in your head.

So today, I decided that the time has come. Project Profit is almost finished, I cleared some time in my schedule so I’m going to record a bunch of podcasts today.

And now that I’m doing it I feel like, hey, actually it feels great! Like getting on a horse after maybe few years of not riding, slightly awkward and uncomfortable but I think I’ll get back into the swing.

This experience made me wonder if you ever feel like this? Perhaps you’ve conquered a fear and then you stop, compose, breathe, look around, take some time out and bam. There they are again!

The more you do, the less you fear.

So rather than kind of getting into some in deep psychological stuff, which I’m not an expert in, I prefer to think about action.

Action conquers fear.

If you can keep busy in doing then you just keep moving forwards and it won’t hold you back anymore.

So, I encourage you when you get the fear or the doubts, don’t stop; don’t let those fears grind you to a halt. If you’re stuck thinking “what if,” “I can’t do it,” “am I good enough?”  Don’t!  Instead just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Action is one of the guiding principles of my Actionista Academy. Everybody is encouraged, by me, to keep moving forward – with the our 90 day plan and weekly actions- I ensure everyone is moving in the right direction.

If you’re not sure what to do this week, if you feel like your business is ground to bit of a halt, just think about taking the next step. That could be turning on the microphone and making a podcast, even if you’re not really sure you gonna talk about. It could be getting on periscope or writing a blog, making a phone call, just do one little thing and the next thing will feel a lot easier.

Now that I’m back, you’re not gonna be able to shut me up! The reason I decided to share this with you, was to reassure you that I’m human and I too get these feelings and worries about whether or not I can do it.

In the world of business, people don’t often talk about this stuff, they don’t often open up and be honest about how they’re feeling. We’re fed a line, you know… I am so successful, everything so amazing, I made a million dollars. It can feel so intimidating!

I’m here to tell you that it’s OK. In fact, if it didn’t doubt yourself from time to time or feel like under- qualified to be doing what you’re doing, then you’d be a total …..well, you’d be too full of yourself to question anything and people would find you arrogant!

So let’s embrace those fears and as long as they don’t grind us to a halt completely, I think we can just recognize them for making us human.


Let’s recognise that procrastination is usually related to fear. Now we can move beyond it. Once I realized I wasn’t too busy to make my podcast, that was just some rubbish lie I was telling myself, it became clear that the reason that I didn’t want to do it was because I was scared.


Think about the things you’re avoiding. Is there something on your list which keeps moving to the next week? That’s usually a sign, isn’t it, that we don’t want to do something – if it keeps moving across the following week you’re trying to avoid doing it.

Ask yourself… what are you really scared of? And what’s the first tiny step that you can take to push on through it?

Good luck taking the first step.

I look forward to hearing about it in our Facebook group. Head over to Little Voice Big Business and come chat to me!

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20: Solopreneur SOS – your burning business questions answered in my coaching clinic!

Welcome to Solopreneur SOS – my coaching clinic!

In today’s episode I’m answering your most pressing business dilemmas – from book keeping to lead generation and partnerships. It’s all here.

If you have a burning business question of your own, head to http://www.nadiafiner.com and send me a question using the widget on the right hand side of the page.


19: The JOY of inventing with Jennifer Lawrence and my mum Mandy Haberman

19: The JOY of inventions with Jennifer Lawrence and my mum Mandy Haberman


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